About The Book

About The Book

“Help me find love!” Amanda exclaimed. She was looking at me with a mixture of longing, emotional pain and exhaustion.

It was six years ago in the summer of 2006 when my friend Amanda had confided in me that yet another relationship with a man had not worked out. We had known each other for a few years and she had invited me over for dinner to catch up. When walking into her apartment, I immediately noticed she had been crying so I feared the worst. Over dinner she confirmed that she had thrown in the towel with the guy she had been seeing for nine months and she wanted to hear my opinion.

“Well, doesn’t that help?” while I pointed at a love self help guide which I had noticed lying on her coffee table. Amanda snorted. “All these books are so theoretical,” she said “and what I need is some real life advice.” I had listened carefully all evening to what had happened, analysed it and drew my conclusions. So I gave her my no-nonsense opinion. It was direct, objective and – in my opinion – fair. I told her what he had done wrong and where she, going forward, could improve. More importantly, I told her to move on (and not go back to him), think about what I had said and take action.

Six months later Amanda and I met up again. She was dating a man, much more suitable to her personality, with the right age and background and ready to settle. She had also slightly tweaked a few bad habits by implementing the changes I had suggested. Things were going well and she was very happy. Today Amanda is happily married with two children.

Interestingly, after that episode, I met a lot of ‘Amandas’ with very similar stories, whether they were single or in a challenging relationship. I always listened very carefully to their relationship troubles but I was equally not afraid to confront them – albeit in a careful and kind manner – of their own shortcomings. After several years I decided to put my thoughts together and write a book. Fix Your Relationship in ONE Minute is a self help guide addressed to women on how to find the right man and keep the right man. It is based on real life anecdotes of people living in London, New York and Los Angeles. It explains what not to do, what not to say and how to go forward. The stories vary from being amusing, sad, tragic to funny but they all have a serious message at the end. The goal for you, the female reader, is to find true love and keep it. I wish it to every single one of you!