Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book about relationship therapy and theory?

It definitely is about relationship therapy in the sense that all the themes described in the chapters are recurring in every relationship and that we all learn from real life. Is it about theory? No. There are numerous theoretical relationship books on the market. The objective of this book is for you to relate to all the stories in the chapters, draw your own conclusions and learn from it.

Is this book the question to all my answers?

Yes and no. No, because love is a combination of different factors, some of which we can control (our own actions and behavior) and some of which we can’t (timing, character, circumstances). Yes, because every successful relationship is based on all the same fundamental building blocks: communication, friendship, shared values and sex just to name a few. Each one of these building blocks doesn’t have to score a perfect ten but they all have to be present in one way or another. If one (or more) building block(s) is (are) absent, your relationship is in deep trouble.

Should I have my boyfriend or partner read this book so that he changes?

I sincerely do not believe this will help. Why? Because people do not tend to change from whom they are. Most people in life grow and (hopefully) become more mature but people’s personalities are pretty much set and are based on their genes and circumstances.

Should I go to therapy with or without my boyfriend?

If he needs mental help and/or medication or if he has a personality disorder, yes. If not and he is just a bad boyfriend, no.

Will I find true love after reading this book?

Of course you will! You are no different from any other person on the planet. Everybody needs love, wants love and wants to be loved. Just make sure you do the following: get out there and be social so that you are in a position to meet someone; look at every opportunity to meet people in different places and circumstances (high school reunion, parties, weddings, dating sites etc); be willing to analyze yourself and maybe make the necessary tweaks (not always dating the same type of people is the best example); don’t be too hard on yourself (nobody is perfect) and be open to whatever might happen…. Now get up and get out there: he is waiting for you and he might be closer than you think!